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Drug and alcohol addiction are far too common in the United States, and while seeking help is an option for almost everyone, few people really know where to turn. When it comes to quitting, trying to do it without medical detox Centers in Virginia Beach can also be very hard for addicts who are long-term abusers. Call Virginia Beach Drug Rehab Centers to speak to an addiction advisor who can pair you up with a reputable treatment center. 

For heavy users, trying to quit cold turkey isn't a wise idea. Studies show that addicts who try to quit this way are also more likely to begin using again after they quit. Many addicts don't make it more than 90 days after getting clean before they go back to drug and alcohol abuse.

Getting help can seem like a challenge, but trained medical and addiction specialists want to work with you so you can begin the process of healing. Not every step on the path to sobriety is going to be an easy one, but you do have the power to make a change. Reach out for help and to find a treatment center that offers medical detox Centers in Virginia Beach to help you.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox Centers in Virginia Beach is a process that involves the help of trained doctors and addiction specialists. In most cases, medical detox takes place in a residential facility that offers monitoring around the clock. This is designed to help keep you safe and alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that many users who try to quit cold turkey simply cannot handle.

When you're considering entering a medical detox program, the first thing that is likely to happen is an evaluation. Doctors, addiction specialists and medical staff members like nurses will be on hand. This evaluation process is essential because addiction therapy needs to be specialized for your needs. No two addictions are alike, and they need to be treated with great care if you're going to stay clean and sober.

During medical detox, your doctor will likely administer medication to help control cravings for drugs and alcohol. Medication that helps reduce common withdrawal symptoms, both mental and physical, is common as well.

Medical detox typically lasts anywhere from three days to seven days, though this is dependent on the treatment plan you and the professionals running the program decide upon. This plan will be made clear to you before you begin treatment.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Medical Detox

Becoming an addict with an emotional and physical attachment to drugs or alcohol takes time. During the process, your body gets used to having these drugs or a certain quantity of alcohol. When you take them away to try and quit, your body will generally rebel.

This is referred to as withdrawal, and it is common among addicts of all types. Common withdrawal symptoms associated with medical detox include:

  • Nausea and vomiting. Addicts often feel very sick for the first few days of the detox process.
  • Restlessness, irritability and the inability to sleep.
  • Fever, muscle aches, and general flu-like symptoms.
  • Anger, rage or feelings of deep depression and anxiety. Some addicts act out or inflict self-harm.
  • Shaking, tremors and muscle weakness. These feelings can be similar to a severe flu.

Why Is It Dangerous to Detox at Home?

The risk of serious health consequences like stroke, seizure, heart failure and respiratory failure is why trying to detox at home without professional supervision is so dangerous. In some cases, addicts die when they try to quit on their own, especially when dealing with long-term abuse.

The thought of entering medical detox Centers in Virginia Beach can be incredibly frightening if you're dealing with an addiction. It's normal to be afraid of change, but the truth is that change can be beneficial when alcohol treatment in Virginia Beach can end suffering.

The trained professionals waiting to help you aren't going to judge you -- they just want to see you get better. They've also got the training and tools to help you better understand your addiction so you can avoid going down the wrong road again. Sobriety is a lifelong pursuit, after all.

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