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Alcohol is everywhere you look in the United States, and many people make it part of their regular routine. For moderate drinkers though, alcohol doesn't pose major health risks or put your life in jeopardy. If you're no longer drinking a moderate amount and fear you may be an alcoholic, Virginia Beach Drug Rehab Centers can help.

The fact is that alcohol may be common, but when the party just doesn't end for you, it can pose serious consequences. From financial distress to a ruined personal life and the potential for legal trouble, abuse can quickly take hold of your life. Alcohol treatment in Virginia Beach may be able to help.

Don't wait another day to get the help that you need. Trained medical and addiction professionals are waiting on your call. Addiction rehabs have helped countless people turn their lives around. The right facility can help you too.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol is a legal substance that many people drink on a regular basis. A glass of wine, a beer with friends or a cocktail are all reasonable things to consume. Some responsible drinkers will even have more than one drink over the course of an evening or long dinner.

For that reason, it can be very hard to define what addiction really is. That makes it very hard for people who may need  treatment in Virginia Beach to realize that they need professional help.

The problem begins when alcohol starts to control your life and bring negative consequences with it. For some people, this happens when drinking becomes a regular hobby even if they don't always drink to the point that they make poor decisions.

Other people end up drinking large quantities all at once and then not drinking for a few days. Both of these types of decisions can lead to consequences and require treatment programs in Virginia Beach.

Alcohol Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol addiction can be confusing even to people who feel they may be developing a drinking problem. That's because alcohol is a legal substance and knowing where the line is can be difficult for some people. Your social circle and what is normal within it will also play a large role in how long it takes to figure out you may have a drinking problem.

There are some common  addiction and drug addiction in Virginia Beach, signs and symptoms that you should look out for though. Common addiction signs and symptoms include:

  • Irritability, anger or erratic behavior. Alcohol can seemingly change your personality and lead you to say or do things that you would not if you were sober. Some individuals dealing with addiction may also become violent.
  • Anxiety or depression. These are common among people who begin drinking heavily.
  • Lack of interest in activities that do not involve drinking. Many alcoholics cut ties with family and friends because they are not interested in drinking as much as they are.
  • Hiding your drinking from friend and family out of fear of judgment.
  • Drinking alone and getting drunk on a regular basis. Having a glass of wine with dinner even if you're alone does not make you an alcoholic, but drinking to get drunk regularly may be a sign of an alcohol addiction.
  • Feeling like you are unable to quit drinking even when you try. Many people try to cut down on their drinking only to find they slip back into old habits.
  • Feeling sick, restless or like you have the flu when you go 12 to 24 hours without a drink. This is a common sign that you're developing a physical addiction to alcohol and your body needs it to feel normal.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

Going through alcohol treatment in Virginia Beach can be frightening, but it has helped many addicts turn their lives around. For some, a structured program that helps define addiction and get to the root cause is essential for long-term sobriety. 

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